Microsoft finally adds Teams to its online store, soon to launch on Windows

The new update from Microsoft comes with good news for users who can now download Microsoft Teams from its online store that comes built into Windows.
Until now, Microsoft’s work and collaboration communications app has been unavailable on its own store, with the app either downloadable from the web or installed alongside the rest of Office 365.

According to The Verge, the roadmap update says that Microsoft Teams would be available on the store sometime next month, for both Windows 10 and 11. The version for Windows 10 will be usable with personal, work, and school accounts, while the 11 version will just be for work and school accounts.

Windows 11 already has a version of Teams that comes built into it, which is meant to be used for chatting with friends and family using a personal account, not as a Slack alternative.

The company had earlier promised the availability of Microsoft Teams when it announced a redesign of the Microsoft Store. To give users easy access to Microsoft Teams files, the tech giant had planned to add a ‘Your Teams’ section as well.
Microsoft recently announced that Teams will support integration with LinkedIn, allowing users to view their colleagues’ profiles in a one-on-one chat.


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