‘We fixed it!’: Twitter problem resolved after users face technical issues

After several users reported on Tuesday that they were facing issues in accessing Twitter, the micro-blogging platform has confirmed that the problem is now fixed.

MacRumors reported that the affected users are seeing a popup notice about the service being unavailable when attempting to access it. There were thousands of reports about the outage on the Down Detector website.
In some instances, even if Twitter did load after several minutes, the experience was quite broken as images didn’t appear and tweets were often several hours old.

During the partial outage, the Twitter support account took to the platform and acknowledged the issue. They wrote, ‘Twitter may not be loading for some of you — we’re working on a fix to get you back to your timelines ASAP.’

Soon after the issue got fixed, almost half an hour later, they posted a subsequent tweet: ‘We fixed it! We made an internal systems change that didn’t go as planned and have rolled it back. Twitter should now be loading as expected. Sorry about that!’

According to Variety, even last month, Twitter experienced an outage for about an hour. Before that they faced similar problems on February 17, coming less than a week after another hour-long outage, which the company ascribed as a ‘technical bug’ that was preventing timelines from loading and tweets from posting.

This latest technical issue of Twitter comes amid the company’s legal battle with entrepreneur Elon Musk.
Twitter filed a lawsuit against Musk after he decided to back out of the USD 44 billion takeover deal. They filed a motion to expedite the proceedings and requested a four-day trial in September. Musk’s legal team opposed the motion.
The lawsuit marks the beginning of what could be a protracted legal battle as Twitter seeks to hold Musk to his deal to pay USD 54.20 per share for the company.

Twitter, which is being repped by M&A powerhouse law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, alleged that Musk looked for an escape from the deal, which required a ‘material adverse effect’ or breach of contract.’
Musk reached an acquisition agreement with Twitter at USD 54.20 per share in a transaction valued at approximately USD 44 billion. However, he decided to suspend the deal due to multiple breaches of the purchase agreement.


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