Wheelchair-bound beauty queen Somya Thakur to represent India on global platform, seeks financial support

Where there is a will, there is a way, this is a famous saying that has been proved by Somya Thakur who is all set to represent India at the Miss Wheelchair World 2022 at the global stage.

She currently holds the title of Miss Wheelchair World India.
However, due to some financial constraints, she has asked the govt for some help and relief. According to her, lakhs of rupees are needed to enter such a contest.

Many NGOs and institutions like Arjoi and professional designer of NIFT and Sunita Bhatia Foundation came to her rescue.
Somya revealed that when she was 11-months-old, she suffered from locomotor disability and scoliosis. As a result, the muscles of her legs are weak and they cannot bear the weight of the body.

This ailment consigned her to the wheelchair. Despite all the odds, Somya completed her education without giving up in life and gave dimension to her career without becoming a burden on her parents.She is an MBA from Panjab University.

Currently, she is working as an HR professional with a private company based in Mohali and is balancing her beauty passion as well.
Somya also shared that she was badly injured in a car accident two years ago while on her way to the job.
Her father Rajinder Singh is a retired officer from Excise Department and her mother Sarita is a homemaker.

She added, the competition is going to be held in Rosarito, Mexico in October. Around 30 other countries including India, Brazil, Canada, France, Malaysia, Netherlands, Spain, Russia and Ukraine are participating in it.
Somya had applied for Miss Wheelchair World 2022 contest. It is organized by the Jadina Taca Foundation, certified by the Government of Mexico. After several rounds of interviews, she got a chance to participate in this contest.


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