Coimbatore Blast : One More Suspect Nabbed; Five Arrested So Far

Police on Thursday arrested another suspect, Afzar in connection with the car blast that occurred on Sunday dawn in Coimbatore. The explosion occured neat Kottal Easwaran temple and killed one person identified as Jameza Mubin. The suspect is relative of the deceased.

The explosion was initially considered an accident. However, forensic examinations on the debris revealed terror tools like vehicle nails, marbles, low intensive explosives like potassium, nitrate, aluminum powder, charcoal sulphur etc, ingredients used in the manufacture of country bombs.

A day after the exposion, CCTV footage outside of the deceased Mubin’s residence went viral. The images captured on the day of explosion showed four men carrying something very heavy wrapped in a sack.

There are five arrested so far in the case – Mohammad Dhaiha, Mohammad Azharudheen, Mohammad Riyaz, Feroz Ismail and Mhammad Navaz Ismail, all of who are Coimbatore natives.

According to initial findings, Riyaz, Nawaz and Feroz were helping Mubin shift the explosives when the blast occurred. Incidentally, Mubin was questioned by NIA in 2019 over his suspected links to ISIS and was on intelligence radar already. In the investigations still underway, twenty are currently under probe.


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